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"I’ve had Chris exclusively as my dog walker for about two years.  Although I was more than satisfied with other dog walking services, I discovered that Chris just cares more about my dog Wyatt and my peace of mind than any dog walker or sitter that I’ve ever encountered. She is always thorough, responsive, and thoughtful and the smile on my dog's face every photo I get from her shows me how much he enjoys her company. I cannot recommend her enough." 


"Chris came into our lives at the best possible moment! As a new and first-time dog mom to a 135 lbs St. Bernard I was nervous to leave Brandy at home all day without a walk and was looking to find someone who could consistently help me 2-3 days a week and who’d be comfortable with such a big dog.  From the moment Brandy and I first met Chris, we were both very comfortable with her, and for Brandy that was not always the case with strangers!

Chris made scheduling walks easy and she was always flexible if dates or times needed adjusting. Paying her through Venmo also could not have made things easier.


Chris always sent me a post-walk report (detailing out pees, poops, and length of walks) and some of the best photos I have of Brandy ❤️ Brandy tends to be “dog reactive” on a leash, and given her size it tends to be a lot to handle for people, so when we mentioned to Chris we were trying to be more consistent with click training on her walks, she volunteered to do this on their walks as well."

We could not recommend Chris more!


"Chris the Dog Coach has been 🐾 pawsitively (sorry I couldn’t help it!) amazing in every way in helping us train and socialize our new puppy, Winston.  


The week before we were going to pick him up, Chris came to our home to explain the Pack Leader Philosophy and the Five Golden Rules to our family. Having this information and mindset before he even came in the door was immensely helpful as we were able to get started off on the right foot.


With Chris’s help, we have discovered the beauty and importance of “the walk,” how to handle distractions while walking, the best walking harness/leash for him, housebreaking tips, crate-training tools, how to nip barking in the bud, beginning important training commands, and so much more.  


In addition, she has been an invaluable resource in helping us understand the importance of proper puppy socialization and how to introduce your puppy to the right playmates for their size and personality.  At her Puppy Play Dates she has helped us understand what is normal, fun puppy play, what red flag behaviors to watch out for, and how to handle those that need correction.  


We can’t more highly recommend Chris and her services!  Whether you are bringing a new puppy home or have some behavioral challenges you would like help with for an older dog, she will help you establish your role as the Pack Leader and in turn create a beautiful, trusting bond with your beloved dog. 


"Before we met Chris, our puppy (American Yellow Lab), Daisy was going through her own challenges.  We struggled with daily tasks such as walks, crate training, basic commands, biting and teaching her how to play fair with our much smaller and older dog (Miniature Yorkie), Jazz.  Ironically, while I was trying to get Daisy to walk, I ran into a neighbor of mine that had a puppy that was similar in age of Daisy that was very well behaved.  I asked my neighbor “how come your pup is so well behaved?!” and she gave me Chris’ contact information for personal dog training.  


I contacted Chris as soon as we got home.  She was very response and helped me understand that what I was dealing with is normal and something we can train Daisy on, and fix.  Chris has been a true blessing to us, and Daisy is a completely different dog.  She is much better on walks (where we receive a lot of compliments onto how well she is behaved), she is completely crate trained and has not whined at all in her crate, she knows her basic commands (sit, lay, get down, paw and come), her biting has gone down significantly, and she plays very gently with our much smaller dog.  The results with Chris’ training are wonderful!  Chis is such a great and natural teacher and possesses extensive knowledge of dog behavior.  She is caring, professional and highly skilled to help dogs and owners succeed.  Daisy is such a great puppy and everything that we had hoped for.  Chris really taught us a lot about our dog, and we are very grateful.  Thank you so much Chris!


"As a society, we have made astronomical strides in animal awareness and the importance of protecting these special gifts. Therefore, I am not unique in considering my fur babies as part of my family. It is my belief that once you welcome a pet to your life, it is unquestionably your duty to provide them with the safest forever home. They unequivocally deserve the best, and this includes introducing them to quality individuals, whether it’s a veterinarian, groomer, walker, or trainer when necessary. Nothing is too good for my babies, and because of this, it was with an unwavering trust that I chose to introduce Chris to them and to welcome her into the folds of my family. She has become a loving friend to us and a significant and unconditional supporter to me. My pets, Rody and Jaxx, absolutely adore her, and she has a magical calming effect on them. When they return from their walks, the calmness they both exhibit never fails to impress me.
I’m extremely grateful for the love Chris shows my babies during their walks and training and am confident that they are always in the best care while in her kind and competent hands."

Thank you, Chris,


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